Eisturm Rabenstein

Eisturm Rabenstein
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Bendler and Rainer win the ICEFIGHT

Markus Bendler Icefight 2010Markus Bendler from Austria and the local athlete Angelika Rainer from Meran(o) won the second edition of ICEFIGHT. The two actual world champions in iceclimbing defended their last years victory in Rabenstein.
Yesterday Markus Bendler participated on a competition in the near of Salzburg. Today, early in the morning, he took his car and drove to Rabenstein. He did the semifinal very well and qualified easily for the final. Bendler was one of just four athletes that climbed on top in the semifinal. In the final in the early afternoon he was the only climber reaching the top. Second and third postion on the podium for two very strong Russian climbers: Maxim Tomilov and Alexey Dengin. Fourth place for the local Herbert Klammer from Luttach.

Womens final was clearly dominated by Angelika Rainer. Her moves on the ice of Rabenstein seemed very easy and were very elegant. She reached the top and she was the only women doing that. On second and third position even two athletes from Russia: Maryam Filippova and Ludmila Balayan.

Russian was the winner of the speed contest. Pavel Gulyaev, the holder of the actual world record, beated all his challengers. He set up a new record in Rabenstein too, climbing the tower in 25,04 seconds.

Results, ICEFIGHT 2010

Lead, men
1. Markus Bendler (Österreich)
2. Maxim Tomilov (Russland)
3. Alexey Dengin (Russland)
4. Herbert Klammer (Luttach)
5. Pavel Gulyaev (Russland)
6. Benedikt Purner (Österreich)
7. Dennis Van Hoek (Niederlande)
8. Alexey Tomilov (Russland)

Lead, women
1. Angelika Rainer (Meran)
2. Maryam Filippova (Russland)
3. Lyudmila Balayan (Russland)
4. Viktorya Shabalina (Russland)

1. Pavel Gulyaev (Russland)
2. Alexey Tomilov (Russland)
3. Pavel Batushev (Russland)
4. Igor Lysenko (Russland)
5. Igor Fayzullin (Russland)
6. Jarney Vukotic (Slowenien)
7. Dennis Van Hoek (Niederlande)
8. Oswald Ennemoser (Rabenstein)