Eisturm Rabenstein

Eisturm Rabenstein
Pseirer Bauernmeisterschaft

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Marmot ICEFIGHT 2012, the program

Saturday, January 28th 2012
11.00 Bib-extraction (lead men + women)
11.30 Route preview
12.00 Closing of the isolation-zone an begin of the qualification (lead men + women)
19.00 End of the registration for the speed-contest
20.00 Bib-extraction for the speed-contest – Qualification
20.30 Multimedia show by Christoph Hainz

Sunday, January 29th 2012
8.00 Opening of the isolation-zone (lead men)
8.30 Closing of the isolation-zone
9.00 Route preview
9.15 Semi-final (lead men) (12 participants)
11.30 Closing of the isolation-zone
12.30 Route preview (men and women)
12.45 Paragliding – show
13.00 Final lead/men (8 athletes)
14.15 Final lead/women (6 athletes)
15.15 Final Speed
15.45 Paragliding – show
16.00 Award ceremony

For men there will be one route during the qualification to climb. In the semifinal and the final there is also one route. The best 12 athletes will be qualified for the semi-final; the 8 best of those are qualified for the final. For women contest there is one route to climb during the qualification. The six best of them will reach the final by climbing only one route.

The qualification for the speed-competition will take place on Saturday. The 8 best climbers will reach the final, where each climber has to fight against another athlete.
Important notice for all climbers: athletes will be disqualified if they are not on time.