Eisturm Rabenstein

Eisturm Rabenstein
Pseirer Bauernmeisterschaft

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The World Championships are open

Opening_Ceremony_Meran_29_01_2015_bRabenstein, 30th January 2015 – On Friday 30 January the competition was formally opened on Piazza delle Terme square in Merano. Presenters Martin Böckle and Deborah Sparber accompained the audience through the afternoon and evening. The programme included dances by a breakdance group, a multivision show with world champion Angelika Rainer, a dance show with LED effects, a fashion show, a speed climbing event and, finally, a large fire show.

The competitions take place in Rabenstein on the fantastic ice tower on the days of Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday 31 January 2015– First day of the competition in Rabenstein

9:15 a.m.: Men and women’s qualifying
2:00 p.m.: Women’s semi-final
4:30 p.m.: Men’s speed qualifying
6:00 p.m.: Women’s speed qualifying
7:20 p.m.: Women’s speed finals
8:30 p.m.: Men’s speed finals

Sunday 1 February 2015 – second day of the competition in Rabenstein

8:30 a.m.: Men’s semi-final
10:30 a.m.: Early morning pint with the Rabensteiner Böhmische
12:45 p.m.: Display from the supporting programme
1:00 p.m. Presentation of the athletes
1:30 p.m.: Men and women’s finals (competition for the World Championship titles)
3.30 p.m.: Super finals beer crate climbing
3:45 p.m.: Ski freestyle and paraglider Acro display
3:50 p.m.: Attempt at a speed record on the 25 m high ice tower, freestyle ski and paraglider Acro display
4:45 p.m.: Awards ceremony
5:30 p.m.: Closing ceremony with Pyro Musicale (fire and light show) and DJ