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Eisturm Rabenstein
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The program Icefight 2011

Angelika Rainer and Markus Bendler are in a good constitution
Last weekend Angelika Rainer and Markus Bendler participated on the first stage of iceclimbing World Cup 2011 – with excellent success.Markus Benlder and Angelika Rainer won the last two editions of ICEFIGHT. The two topathletes last weekend started in the new season. Markus won the first stage of World Cup in Cheongsong in South Korea, Angelika arrived 7th. In 10 days the two world champions in iceclimbing will take part of the 2nd World Cup stage in Saas Fee in Svitzerland.

The week after they will start at ICEFIGHT 2011. And in this conditions they two have good possibilities to win also the third edition of ICEFIGHT.

The program:

Saturday, January 29th 2011

12.30 qualification lead men
18.15 qualification lead women
20.00 qualification speed

Sunday, January 30th 2011

9.15 semi-final lead men
12.45 show flex wing ACRO
13.00 final lead men
14.15 final lead women
15.15 final speed
15.45 show flex wing ACRO
16.00 distribution of prizes