Eisturm Rabenstein

Eisturm Rabenstein
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Bendler got the hattrick

Bendler Markus ICEFIGHTMarkus Bendler from Austria and the Russian Maria Tolokonina are the winners of ICEFIGHT 2011, the iceclimbing-contest in Corvara in Val Passiria.
For Markus Bendler it was the third victory in series in Rabenstein after 2009 and 2010. The world champion defeated Evgeny Kryvosheytsev (Ukraine) and the Russian Alexey Dengin.
Bendler actually is in a fantastic shape as he won the first two World Cups in Cheongsong (South Korea) and Saas Fee (Switzerland). “I’m very happy about my victory because this week I was ill and I didn’t know about my physical conditions. It was a great contest with a very difficult slope for us. I hope that Rabenstein once will be a World Cup station, because I don’t know another structure in the world that is so beautyful like this tower here”, Markus Bendler at the end of the event said.

Angelika Rainer from Merano was not able to defend her last years victories (2009 and 2010). Today Maria Tolokonina (Russia) was a little bit faster than the 24 years old world champion from Italy. Tolokonina won the first World Cup in Cheonsong. Third position for Anna Gallyamova, also from Russia. “I’m a little bit unhappy, because i wanted to win for the third time here in Rabenstein. I didn’t find a grip at the end of the roof and lost a bit time”, Rainer said.

The speed contest was won by Egor Trapeznikov. The Russian athlete established a new record to the tower in 24.40 seconds.

The best iceclimbers of the world next week are shared in the World Championships in Busteni Romania.

ICEFIGHT 2012 will take place on January 28th and 29th.

Results Icefight 2011

Lead maschile:
1. Markus Bendler (AUT) Top/2.28 minuti
2. Evgeny Kryvosheytsev (UKR) Top/0.35
3. Alexey Dengin (RUS) Top/0.30
4. Alexey Tomilov (RUS) 27+/0.29
5. Pavel Gulyaev (RUS) 27+/-
6. Maxim Tomilov (RUS) 23+
7. Herbert Klammer (Luttago/ITA) 19+
8. Pavel Bathushev (RUS) 13++

Lead femminile:
1. Maria Tolokonina (RUS) Top/0.42 minuti
2. Angelika Rainer (Merano/ITA) Top/0.2
3. Anna Gallyamova (RUS) 13++
4. Marianne van der Stehen (NED) 9+
5. Vikotriya Shabalina (RUS) 7+
5. Giulia Venturelli (ITA) 7+
7. Barbara Zwerger (Bolzano/ITA) 4++

1. Egor Trapeznikov (RUS)
2. Kirill Kolchegoshev (RUS)
3. Alexey Tomilov (RUS)
4. Pavel Gulyaev (RUS)
Igor Lysenko, Maxim Tomilov, Pavel Batushev (alle RUS) e Reinhard Graf (Corvara/ITA) sono stati eliminati nei quarti di finale.

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