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Eisturm Rabenstein
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Let the ice climbing party begin

Bolzano/Corvara, 27 January 2016 – Everything is ready for the three-day long ice climbing event in Corvara this coming weekend. We are ready to welcome the best ice climbers in the world. The South Tyrolean World Cup event will be formally opened on Friday afternoon at 5 pm at the Piazza Terme in Merano.

For months Reinhard Graf and his colleagues from the Association Verein Eisturm Rabenstein and their partner Association Alpenverein Südtirol have been working for this day. On Friday 29 January the time of preparation and waiting will be over – at 5 pm the UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup 2016 will be formally opened at the Piazza Terme square in Merano. During the opening ceremony in the city on the river Passirio the best athletes in the world are introduced to the public, before eight of the best speed climbers battle it out in a show event on the mobile, 15 m high ice tower. The ceremony, presented by Martin Böckle and Deborah Sparber, will include a jazzy fashion show, an impressive fire show and the sounds of the renowned live band “The Blokes”.

“The tension is rising – not only among the athletes but also for us, the organisers. The world’s best ice climbers will tell us after their climbs how well we’ve done our homework. We are convinced that we have again created an optimum environment”, explains Chair of the Organising Committee Reinhard Graf.

At the weekend the ice climbing experts look to Corvara

The sporting part of the ice climbing World Cup will take place on Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 January in Corvara. It starts on Saturday morning at 9:15 am with the qualification in difficulty climbing (Lead). In the afternoon follows the qualification in speed climbing (Speed). The winners of the World Cup event in this discipline in Corvara will be determined in the finals on Saturday evening from 7:20 pm.

Sunday is the day of the semi-finals in the difficulty climbing, starting at 1 pm. The supporting programme offers performances by the Lorit Acrobatic Paragliding Club from North Tyrol, beer crate climbing and an attempt at a new speed record on the 25 m high ice tower. The mood will be set by presenters Böckle and Sparber and by DJ Fill.

International competitors

The ice climbing World Cup in Corvara is a major international event. 131 ice climbers from 19 countries in three continents – Europe, America and Asia – are officially expected to arrive in South Tyrol.

Reinhard Graf and his team look forward to welcoming the two reigning world champions, Russian Maxim Tomilov and Korean Woon Seon Shin. They won the title last year in Corvara and will therefore be especially motivated when they arrive in Val Passiria. Local athlete Angelika Rainer from Merano, three times world champion in difficulty climbing and current runner-up world champion in this discipline will also be there. The younger generation from South Tyrol is represented by David Oberprantacher from Val Passiria, born in 1999, and by Severin Marsone (Merano).

Live stream available

Approximately 2000 fans are expected in the South Tyrolean ice climbing Mecca at the weekend. Those who cannot come to Val Passiria can still be part of the spectacle. For the second year a live stream is available. Ice climbing enthusiasts can follow the South Tyrol World Cup event at home at the click of a mouse. The life stream is available from the website www.eisklettern.it. Viewers can follow the finals in speed climbing on Saturday at 7:20 pm and the finals in difficulty climbing on Sunday at 1 pm.