Eisturm Rabenstein

Eisturm Rabenstein
Pseirer Bauernmeisterschaft

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We open the ice tower on December 26th at 2 pm

We wish Merry Christmas to all fanciers of iceclimbing, our sponsors, partners and last but not least the members of our club “Eisturm Rabenstein”. We inform also, that tomorrow, Wednesday December 26th, at 2 pm we open our icetower in Rabenstein/Passeiertal (Corvara in Val Passiria) for the public. All fanciers[…]

The tower begins … to grow

In the last days it was very could. Finally we could begin to produce the necessary ice to cover the tower. We will continue to work in the next days at the construction till the icetower is ready. We want open the icetower Rabenstein on December 26th – as usual.

Results ICEFIGHT 2012

Marmot ICEFIGHT 2012 – Speed Tree Marmot ICEFIGHT 2012 – Lead men with points Marmot ICEFIGHT 2012 – Lead men Marmot ICEFIGHT 2012 – Speed Marmot ICEFIGHT 2012 – Lead women Marmot ICEFIGHT 2012 – Final lead men Marmot ICEFIGHT 2012 – Final lead women

Eisturm am Freitag geschlossen (en)

An diesem Wochenende findet auf unserer Anlage der Marmot ICEFIGHT statt, zu dem wir die besten Eiskletterer der Welt erwarten. Aus diesem Grund bleibt der Eisturm am Freitag, 27. Jänner für das Publikum geschlossen.

Marmot ICEFIGHT 2012, the program

Saturday, January 28th 2012 11.00 Bib-extraction (lead men + women) 11.30 Route preview 12.00 Closing of the isolation-zone an begin of the qualification (lead men + women) 19.00 End of the registration for the speed-contest 20.00 Bib-extraction for the speed-contest – Qualification 20.30 Multimedia show by Christoph Hainz Sunday, January[…]